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Shenzhen XuYi Optical Technology Co. Ltd, established in 2008, is formerly known as Shenzhen Shenganjia Techan. Offering Diversified Screen Protectors and Glass case.

We mainly produce various types of screen protectors, such as privacy screen protectors, mirror screen protectors, anti-fingerprint screen protectors, anti-glare screen protectors, Mobile phone glass protective cover and mobile phone TPU case. Our products are widely applied to mobile phones, digital cameras, tablet computers, laptops, game consoles, GPS and other electronic items.  We firmly believe that users are the cornerstones for supporting the survival and development of a company. When positioning products, we insist on thinking from the user's point of view, focus on the user experience, ensure the best quality, and do practical and user-related practical products. Vendor of LEPLUS, GRAMAS, Sony, MSS, ZAGG With nearly 10 years’ experience and technology, over 100 employees and 1000-square-meter production workshop, we have become one of the leaders in screen protector field. Currently, we provide over 300 various screen protectors for many famous brands like Apple, Samsung,Sony, Huawei and more. Our products are exported to the JAPAN, US, UK, Italy, Germany, and 20 other countries and regions.





Professional commitment to the protective film industry, a decade of precipitation, quality worry-free!

The introduction of the United States, South Korea. Japan's high-end quality materials, independent research and development, technical skills!

China's first registered screensaver patent company, leading the industry!

Through various iso system certifications, various awards have been obtained and recognition is high!